Doodle in Stormy Weather


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No it’s not Sunday, and while this is a photo, the subject is not photography.

So, we had a thunderstorm today. I usually shut down all electrical equipment when this happens. Then face the silence. Well all except for the booming.

I played with the puppy a bit. Mainly so show him that thunder storms didn’t bother me, and that they should not bother him. So far so good, he’s not afraid. Which is amazing as for some reason all of my dogs in the past have tried to go through windows to get away from storms. But, then Pugsley is no ordinary dog.

Anyway, in the process of unplugging stuff I happened upon this old pad of paper, which gave me the inspiration to draw something. I hate drawing ellipses. Heck, I can’t even say ellipses! So attacking something like a pop can to me is a real challenge. I didn’t do such a great job on this can lid, but I’m going to keep practicing till I can not only draw and ellipse but pronounce it too!

I think what I really enjoyed about this little drawing was the shadow cast by multiple light sources.