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Scanning my sketchbook.

These were done today while waiting for Sheldon’s appointment with the skin Doc. I probably should have upped the contrast on the second one so you could see it better. They are both apr. 4×6

To people who’ve lived in Windsor for a long time, this hospital is referred to as Met Hospital or The Met.

There were two elderly couples across the room from us. Their conversations were quite interesting. The man in this sketch worked in the Gold mines. His wife was in the military, where she learned to drink beer. But, neither one drinks anymore.

The gentleman in the lower right of the first page of sketches was also a miner up in Sudbury. He talked about the number of men who would go down into the mines together and how the rapid descent made your heart jump. He and his wife reminisced about the cabin they bought and renovated as each child came along. When she first saw the cabin she exclaimed to her husband “What did you buy?!”

Their conversation reminded me of how I felt about the small house Sheldon and I bought when we were first together. We paid $12,500., and it was located in an alley that ran between Chatham St E. and University St E. Take a look at the google street view below. See that tiny house in the ally? Well that was our first home. I walked in the front door, and there was the most horrid hand painted mural of a waterfall on the living room wall. It was heated by a small gas space heater. I liked to say you had to go outside to change your mind.

If you do a 180 on the Google image below you can see how close to Detroit, Mi. we lived. That’s the Renaissance Building across the Detroit river.