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Orchids, originally uploaded by photographerpainterprintmaker.

Orchids have long been one of the most cherished of flowers. They are associated with love, luxury, beauty and Strength.

My father converted a room in the house dedicated to growing them. They were not easy to grow. My dad loved orchids so much that we had a casket blanket made out of living orchids. I had to tell the shop what I wanted. I wanted to be able to take apart the blanket after the ceremony. They shook their heads in confusion, but did manage to do as I asked. Each child was given one of the orchids to take home in remembrance of him.

Dad lived with my hubby and I for the final 13 years of his life. When he passed it was as if someone blew a huge hole in my heart. Then, after 4 years in dormancy the orchid bloomed. I took it as a sign that Dad was telling me it was time to shake off the sorrow. If it were not for this orchid (which I really didn’t take very good care of) blooming, I might still in deep depression. So this plant gave me back the strength to get back into life again. I’ve never looked back.