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With the wonderful early spring break in March many Windsorites are flocking to the riverfront parks to witness nature’s awakening. Three of our group managed to visit the beautiful river front Coventry gardens located at the foot of Pillette Road. .

However, the weather didn’t seem to know what to do. It was foggy all morning, but by noon it had warmed up, so we headed to the park. While we were in the midst of our painting, a sudden chill swept fog rolling into the Detroit river from Lake St. Clair. It was amaizing to watch this dark cloud roll towards us. It didn’t last long, but the gentleman that I was painting got a chill and moved to sit in front of this lovely tree. I think he was hoping it would block the chilly breeze. But, the cold and damp weather persisted, and chilled the bones.

This crazy early spring has everything all mixed up. The plants are not quite sure if they are supposed to bloom or not. I was hard pressed to find anything but crocus to paint. I do have a painting of crocus that I did yesterday, and I will post it soon.

By 3:00 we were cold enough to call it quits. But, getting into the car I found it sweltering. After the paint out I met up with 3 of my granddaughters and we headed for a walk along the river on the west end. By this time the chill had left, and we were peeling off our jackets, or wishing we were in shorts.