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Hosted by Toscana Americana Workshops

Watercolor en Plein Air in Tuscany with Artist/instructor Elizabeth G MacDonald May 8-15, 2013 Cortona, Italy

I am very excited to offer a workshop in Tuscany next spring 2013.

In this workshop I will be focusing on sketching and watercolour en Plein Air.  The day will begin with a short discussion, demo and question period.  Throughout the day, each student will receive individual instruction.  We will Alternate between quick sketches in a journal, and larger paintings. As an urban and a landscape painter I am at home painting in any environment.  The focus will be on capturing the rapidly changing light and contrasting values as the day progresses.  You will also learn how to interpret colour using a limited palette. I will teach you how to edit what you see en Plein Air to create your cherished memory of Tuscany.  As an added bonus I will show you how to use photography as a tool to plan your composition,photograph your work for the web or to make art cards from your paintings.  These keepsakes can be shared with friends and family. You will learn how to work Plein Air painting into your daily life.  I will be only demonstrating watercolour, but if you are an experienced painter who wishes to do your own thing you are more than welcome to participate at the same cost.  You may bring any mediums you like with you.  However, if you bring oils do not bring thinners, as they are prohibited from flights.  You may purchase thinners at the local art store.

This workshop is suitable for the beginner or the experienced painter.  Click these links for frequently asked questions, workshop information and registration rates.

I wish to introduce you to the joy of painting in the largest studio in the world, the great outdoors.  When I paint en Plein Air I experience nature and the world in an intimate way not experienced by the casual observer. The experience exhilarates me. I am also a photographer. When I capture nature and life through a camera lens I feel more like a voyeur, stealing a moment in time.  However, when I paint I become immersed in my surroundings with all my senses.  I am alert, and the scene becomes a part of my existence.  My heart yearns to interpret what is before me. By painting en Plein Air I go beyond copying that stolen moment in a photograph in the studio. I live the moment. I live the painting. The experience becomes a memory not soon forgotten.  When people see my work, I’d like them to experience a bit of what it was like to be there.  There is no greater joy for me then when I introduce others to painting en Plein Air.


Recommended supplies, partial list.