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Julia Kay is an amazing, and wonderful woman who’s totally obsessed with drawing a self portrait every day, even at times in her sleep! Well, maybe she’s not totally sleeping but nodding off. As I’ve said many times, Flickr is a wonderful photo sharing sight that has an incredible supportive arts community. That is where I came across Julia Kay. I’ve joined her group. The unique thing about her group is that you are not allowed to submit self portraits, instead you submit photos’ of yourself for others to draw. Julia warns everyone that if they are squeamish about the way they maybe depicted in someone’s photo it would be wise not to participate, as the diverse styles are not always flattering. Once I submitted my photo it didn’t take long for people to start drawing and painting away on traditionals and digital media. I am inspired by all the different ways of seeing this group expresses. I encourage you to have a look at the group, and especially at Julia Kay’s work.

As for me, well I may not get a portrait a day in, but I will accomplish something and more than if I’d not joined at all. Oh, and I’ve not drawn or painted many portraits so I’ve a lot to learn in the process. It’s too cold to paint outdoors so this group will keep me from getting rusty over the winter.

Have a look at Julia’s selected sets from her Daily Portrait Project, in which she’s been making an image of herself every day since 3/15/2007.