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Save Willistead ParkMy group the Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Society have spent many hours painting in this park and we do not want to see these 10 foot wide hard surfaced pathways running through the park grounds.

Mandate of the Save Willistead Park group.

This Group is called “Save Willistead Park,” because that’s it’s only purpose. It’s not a focus group or an idea incubator. It is a means for its members to increase awareness of and vehemently oppose the proposed roadway planned for our park. Make no mistake, the drive to deface the park has great momentum, and will not be easily reversed.

While our strength increases with our ever growing numbers, its vital that we express with one voice, a clear, concise, spin proof, message. It comes down to one, simple question. Do we want the park to stay as it is in all its pristine glory or do we want a 10 feet wide asphalt maize running through it. Half measures and partial compromises cannot be an option. Deface the park or leave it the way it is. It’s either one or the other. From your heartfelt, passionate comments, I am certain that we can all agree to the following, one, unequivocal demand.

This Group of 435 members and counting , while endorsing the drainage improvements in the park, demands that Willistead be left in its natural state of beauty. We do not want a 10 feet super walking path or any variation thereof, threading the park, as it replacers over 10% of precious grass with concrete, asphalt or interlocking brick. We also demand that the road construction that was so suddenly begun, be reversed and the park restored to its original condition. ~ Howard Weeks, October 20th, 2013 on Facebook group Save Willistead Park!

Please join the group on Facebook to keep informed about what is happening to our beloved Willistead Park Grounds.  There is a meeting planned with the City of Windsor at Willistead Manor.  We are waiting for the date and time to be confirmed.