Peche Island, Detroit River

Peche Island, Detroit River. Plein air painting 8 x 8 oil on stretched canvas.

Peche Island is located at the entrance of the Detroit River.  Monday was a lovely day.  There was rain in the forecast, but I was delighted that the weather network was way off on their predictions.  The day was sunny, warm with a bit of a breeze.  Some of my group had difficulty hanging onto their paintings, but I had no issues at all with my new Sienna all in one Pochade Box.  I have mixed feelings about my new box.  There are some great features, but a few drawbacks.


  • The price is great!
  • There is a lot of room to carry paints and brushes.
  • It’s well built.
  • It stores 2 wet paintings in the base.
  • It can be attached to a tripod.
  • It has a brush holder station that sits on the side of the open box
  • It has a large easy to clean wooden pallet that slides out to the right.
  • It has a suitcase type carry handle that doubles as a towel holder.


  • It weighs 10 lbs empty, add your supplies and it gets worse.
  • Because of the weight it requires a very sturdy tripod.
  • The tripod head must not be a ball type.
  • The tripod head should secure with a screw rather than a spring load.
  • The towel holder is useless and falls off.

I had to buy a new tripod to hold the box because of the weight. I thought I found the perfect tripod on ebay, but when I attached the box, the head could not hold the weight of the box at all.  Lucky though the head could be removed and I purchased a new head that ended up working out just fine.

Sienna All in One Pochade Box

Sienna All in One Pochade Box