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We spent a week up at our cabin. It was just my husband and I.  Usually my sister and brother are there too.  We lost my sister to cancer in February, and my brother is traveling across the U.S. in his Bluebird Wander-lodge R.V.  It was hard not having them there.  My sister and her hubby usually parked their toy hauler trailer next to ours and we would have coffee together every morning.  August 3rd marked 6 months since she passed.  My brother in law held a memorial motorcycle ride for her back in Colchester.  I wish I could have been two places at once.

It was a miracle I got any painting or sketching done.  We’d not been up yet this year, so the first few days were spent waging war on the mice and their mess.  They are disgusting, and there is just no way to keep them at bay.  They will find a way in no matter what preventive measures you make.

I played at doing portraits on my tablet, but I’m not really ready to share any of that yet.  I did a pencil sketch portrait from the Julia Kay Portrait Party group.  A small plein air watercolour,  and an oil painting of the rifle river.

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