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Youmacon2009, originally uploaded by photographerpainterprintmaker.

I’ve been pretty busy of late, and have not been able to stop and breathe. I really liked this challenge, and am looking forward to what emotions this photo elicits. Happy to be a part of this great challenge.

This photo was taken at the Youmacon2009 convention held in Dearborn, Mi. My nephew posted on facebook that he wanted to go, and I jumped at the opportunity to take him. I knew it would be a great photo op, and a fun day with him. I was not disappointed.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Moods and Emotions

This will take a bit of explaining. This challenge is for you to get a shot that enables a response in the person who views your pic not one that is your personal emotion. For example if I see a pic of a tranqual stream or a sunrise I feel mellow, If I see a pic of doggie smiles or a horse doing his rolling in dirt thing It makes me smile, you get the idea. So lets see just how much talent we have out there and have some fun with this one, I’m already writing ideas in my notebook for pics and can’t wait to get started.