I can’t believe it’s September!  I must ask forgiveness of everyone who’s stopped by in the last two months.  So I will post just a sample of what I’ve been up to this summer.  Last summer a friend of mine and I started the Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Society.  We made a pledge to ourselves that we would get out and paint every week.  We’ve succeeded!  I took to Facebook with our group and started to invite people, and there are now 9 of us who get together every week!

OH!!  I also designed a logo, watermark for all my work.  I was looking at the wordpress logo,and suddenly I realized that subconsciously I chose my blog name with all words starting with P for a reason.  DUH… the simplicity of the WordPress logo inspired me.  What would PPP  look like in a circle.  I like it, I hope you do too.  I’m thinking of getting a sign for my van window.